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Welcome cloth diaper mamas!

First of all, congratulations for a great choice you made for your baby and the environment. As for the mamas who aren't sure yet, stick with us and let us convince you that cloth diaper aren't as difficult or required a lot of work/time as many may think.

Welcome all and I look forward to a productive and active blog!

P.S. if you have cute pictures of you lil one bunz in cloth diaper and want to share you can either post it yourself or send it to me and I'll add water mark to your picture, so it doesn't end up at an unwanted site, and I'll post them here for you. We all LOVE to see cute and happybabybunz ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing MVB program

I'm happy to announce my newest program: The MVB - the Most Valueable Blogger - program

What does this mean?

Basically it's very much like MVP in many sports. The most active in this blog will win something awesome!!!

So, all you need to do is be active in this blog, post comments, responds to comments. However, post such as "great post" "love it" and such doesn't count. Since this a moms helping moms blog I, therefore, expecting more than that.

I'll have a spreadsheet ready by the end of 3 months to prove that the winner is choosen appropriately.

So, from now until May 4th, 2010 you gotta be active to earn your prize :)

And here's the prize;)

ETA 02/05/10: You must leave at least 3 comments a week in order to qualify for this program

It will be made in size and color as you wish. Thus, allow 2-3 weeks for shipping and handling. For more pictures go to

The winner will be announced May 5th, 2010.

Let's be active :)


  1. Just saying hi! I want to be active and I have a topic suggestion...favorite sites

  2. Im Bummed that your feed doesnt show up in my dashboard... I check that daily for new posts... howd I miss this MVB?! Anyways... I'll have to check back here more often!