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Welcome cloth diaper mamas!

First of all, congratulations for a great choice you made for your baby and the environment. As for the mamas who aren't sure yet, stick with us and let us convince you that cloth diaper aren't as difficult or required a lot of work/time as many may think.

Welcome all and I look forward to a productive and active blog!

P.S. if you have cute pictures of you lil one bunz in cloth diaper and want to share you can either post it yourself or send it to me and I'll add water mark to your picture, so it doesn't end up at an unwanted site, and I'll post them here for you. We all LOVE to see cute and happybabybunz ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the hat goes to...

OK - I have to admit that I was so excited today! I can't wait to see who the lucky one will be. So, with full of excitment I got up at 5:30am this morning - lol.

And here are pictures step by step :D

1) The preparation

I wrote down all the 39 names (I have 40 followers but 1 of them is myself - lol, so I didn't put my own name in there ;) and put it in my favorite chinese bowl (Yes, it is clean ;)

2) I then slowly reach the bowl and stired them well for a few minutes or until I feel that it's time.

3) Then I just picked one of them and my heart went crazy with full of excitement...who's gonna be...

4) Here it is, I got one in my hand. Now, there's no going back...! So, I open it up slowly. It's kinda difficult to multi-tasking at this stage. Take pictures and tried to roll out the paper. And as you can see. The picture didn't turn out that great - the name was on the other side - duh!

5) And the hat goes to...

Can you read my handwriting? OK - I was a bit lazy and didn't wrote down everyone's full name. This one says "NovemberSun" as for "NovemberSunFlower"

Congratulations, NovomberSunFlower! You won this  that

Now - you have 30 second to thank people who support you and help you through this ;) Go one, hurry or the music will starts soon and I'll have to turn off your mike. And BTW - who are you wearing ;)

For those who didn't win, don't worry, the next giveaway is coming soon. Stay tune!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing MVB program

I'm happy to announce my newest program: The MVB - the Most Valueable Blogger - program

What does this mean?

Basically it's very much like MVP in many sports. The most active in this blog will win something awesome!!!

So, all you need to do is be active in this blog, post comments, responds to comments. However, post such as "great post" "love it" and such doesn't count. Since this a moms helping moms blog I, therefore, expecting more than that.

I'll have a spreadsheet ready by the end of 3 months to prove that the winner is choosen appropriately.

So, from now until May 4th, 2010 you gotta be active to earn your prize :)

And here's the prize;)

ETA 02/05/10: You must leave at least 3 comments a week in order to qualify for this program

It will be made in size and color as you wish. Thus, allow 2-3 weeks for shipping and handling. For more pictures go to

The winner will be announced May 5th, 2010.

Let's be active :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's your favorite diaper cover?

So, I wonder what's your favorite diaper cover as they are tons out there.

I got a lot of recommendations for the imse-vimpse diaper cover but it looks so...plain...just white and that's it! Not many selection. So, it's kinda boring to me. However, I really can't resist all the oos and ahs about this diaper cover, so I may just have to order one or two, just to see how it works.

For those who have this diaper cover, what's your verdict? Like it, love it, or hate it? Let us know before we spend money on it ;) though it's not that expensive.

Now, move on to the more $ friendly option. The Thirsty diaper cover. It's only $11.25 per cover, it's water proof, and it's great for day time. However, judging from the quality I personally don't think that it will last for more then one child. It's very colorful, though. That's what I like.

One reason to cloth diaper is to have fun, so when the cloth diaper or the cover come in fun color, style, and pattern make it even more fun!

Here's something for night time that work pretty well but very pricey! The little beetle diaper cover. It costs? $38.95. It organic wool, so it's great for night time and nap time as it's more absorbance then the plastic cover.

But let me show you my absolutely favorite covers! My own! I love these diaper covers so much that I acquired a license to sale. It's absorbant, stylish, and so-so cute. It make with 100% peruvian highland wool. I just love them :)

Of course you don't have to get them from my shop. You can find hand knit diaper cover in many sources, just google them around. They are better for you baby bunz because it's airy, so the chance that your little one will get diaper rash is even less. However, be carefull, though, which hand knit diaper cover you buy as different pattern provide different absorbancy. So, if you had use hand knit diaper cover in the past and wasn't happy with the absorbancy, then it's highly because of the pattern, and perhaps it was lanolized.

Now show me your fave diaper cover, which one is it?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I got fluffy mail today :D

Cottonbabies has FB perfect size daisy prints on sale for only  $10.95 (orig. is $17.95), and they also have BG bamboo for sales too. I got 12 pack of BG bamboo for $72.00. The full price would have been $144.00. Plus I have the coupon for 5% off total amount, and if you order over $100 you get free BG onesies. How can you pass on deals like this???

I'm so excited and gotta show you my fluffy mail ;)

In total I got 8 FB perfect size pocket and 12 BG bamboo fitted (this is great for night time and nap time) for half price. This is so awesome!

Victory is mine!!! woot woot!
Now, show me what you got!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here's why you should cloth diapering

Besides the two obvious reason, the environment and cost effectiveness, there many more reasons why you should cloth diapering your baby. But let’s start with these two obvious reason first.

Many pro-sposies argue that the extra water that are used to laundry dirty cloth diapers are just as abusive to the environment as disposable diapers. Well, let me tell you that they are wrong. Why? Here’s my point (and is base by fact not opinions)

1) Did you know that there are “…2 billions tons of urine, feces, plastic and paper are added to landfills annually” and that “it takes around 80,000 pounds of plastic and over 200,000 trees a year to manufacture the disposable diapers for American babies alone?”

2) It will take at least 500 years for the disposable to completely decomposed, even the bio-degraded ones. For the bio-degraded diaper to decompose it has to be exposed to the air and sun. Now, it’s highly unlikely that that is possible at the landfill, isn’t it.

3) The untreated human wastes that are dumped in the landfills can contaminate the ground water as well.

4) To wash dirty cloth diapers we spray and flush solid down the toilette then wash it in the washing machine. Thus, the water is not contaminated as pro-sposies argue, since both the toilette and washing machine’s water go into the sewer systems.


This is probably the most attractive reason why many mamas, including me, turned to cloth diapering.

True that you will have to pay more at first in order to build up your stash but it’s a one time cost that you invested in and that’s it (unless you become addict to getting fluffy mail like many cloth diaper mamas, but you still save a lot more money then disposables).
To roughly break it down, you will need to invest in cloth diaper around $1500. With this amount you can pretty much build a great luxury cloth diapers stash. So, it can cost you even less if you shop smart and go for high ends cloth diapers. Take me as an example, I spent $750 in cloth diapers and I got a great stash. I got 12BG, 9 FB OS, 6 FB Pocket, 36 prefolds, 6 Swaddlebees, 6 GM, 6 Organic cotton BG, 3 PP. And I do laundry every other day. I basically pay half price for all of these new cloth diapers because I wait for all sales and hunt for coupon. Now, for disposable you’ll probably pay around $2500 a year per child. So, you can save anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 the first year you use cloth diapers. And since you have to pay for disposable per year per child until the baby is potty train, and with CD you only pay once and that’s it, you’ll save even a lot more.

Now let’s look at other reasons to cloth diapering

Potty train

Your baby will be potty train faster then disposable babies because your baby can feel it when it’s wet or dirty. Hence, it increases the awareness of the baby earlier on and s/he knows then s/he gotta do the business.

Happier bunz

While occasionally your baby will get rash from cloth diapering, s/he will get way less rash then disposable babies. Hence your baby bunz is happier ;)

Cute bunz

OMG – have you seen a baby in cloth diaper? They have the cutest bunz ever! You baby bunz will be the most popular in the block and among the nurses and the doctors. Trust me!

That’s it for today!

Any question, concerns, complains, feedback, or whatever that’s on your mind, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to happy baby bunz :D

Hi all,

I hope that this blog will be an interesting, information, and helpful to you all cloth diaper mamas, and cloth diaper mamas-to-be.

I'm a cloth diaper mama myself and it's so rewarded. Above all it's great to see you baby bunz in all those O-So-Cute cloth diaper. However, I by no means and expert in cloth diapering, I consider myself a newbie, but I did take a lot of classes, research, and bought a lot of cloth diapers already ;)

I also happy to announce that I was able to convince many friends of mine to switch to cloth diapering. Now, I felt that our world is a bit greener already.

Did you know that disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to decompose? So, how many generations is that? 5-6 generations from us now. We don't want that do we? We don't want to leave nothing but the bad and the ugly world to our next generations! Also, most sposies mamas don't rinse out their babies' "poo-poo" before they throw it away, but they should. Why? Because human waste are no good to animals.

If you are deciding whether to use sposies or cloth diapers please hang around in this blog and let us cloth diaper mamas convience you that it's better your baby and your environment.

Lastly, if you join us by February 14th, 2010 you will be qualify to enter the drawing to win this popular, and o-so-cute simply-pure, simply white pompom hat contribute by

Look forward to your comments, tips, and activeness!