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Welcome cloth diaper mamas!

First of all, congratulations for a great choice you made for your baby and the environment. As for the mamas who aren't sure yet, stick with us and let us convince you that cloth diaper aren't as difficult or required a lot of work/time as many may think.

Welcome all and I look forward to a productive and active blog!

P.S. if you have cute pictures of you lil one bunz in cloth diaper and want to share you can either post it yourself or send it to me and I'll add water mark to your picture, so it doesn't end up at an unwanted site, and I'll post them here for you. We all LOVE to see cute and happybabybunz ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's your favorite diaper cover?

So, I wonder what's your favorite diaper cover as they are tons out there.

I got a lot of recommendations for the imse-vimpse diaper cover but it looks so...plain...just white and that's it! Not many selection. So, it's kinda boring to me. However, I really can't resist all the oos and ahs about this diaper cover, so I may just have to order one or two, just to see how it works.

For those who have this diaper cover, what's your verdict? Like it, love it, or hate it? Let us know before we spend money on it ;) though it's not that expensive.

Now, move on to the more $ friendly option. The Thirsty diaper cover. It's only $11.25 per cover, it's water proof, and it's great for day time. However, judging from the quality I personally don't think that it will last for more then one child. It's very colorful, though. That's what I like.

One reason to cloth diaper is to have fun, so when the cloth diaper or the cover come in fun color, style, and pattern make it even more fun!

Here's something for night time that work pretty well but very pricey! The little beetle diaper cover. It costs? $38.95. It organic wool, so it's great for night time and nap time as it's more absorbance then the plastic cover.

But let me show you my absolutely favorite covers! My own! I love these diaper covers so much that I acquired a license to sale. It's absorbant, stylish, and so-so cute. It make with 100% peruvian highland wool. I just love them :)

Of course you don't have to get them from my shop. You can find hand knit diaper cover in many sources, just google them around. They are better for you baby bunz because it's airy, so the chance that your little one will get diaper rash is even less. However, be carefull, though, which hand knit diaper cover you buy as different pattern provide different absorbancy. So, if you had use hand knit diaper cover in the past and wasn't happy with the absorbancy, then it's highly because of the pattern, and perhaps it was lanolized.

Now show me your fave diaper cover, which one is it?


  1. Hand knit wool longies, shorties ect is my favorite. I've tried the (oh so cute) blueberry covers and hated them because of the bulk, DD couldnt even sit up because they restricted her! Another cover I love is the cover that came with my Econobum! I use it all the time when I don't use wool! It's great, even though it is plain white.

  2. Oh! I was just about to buy the blueberry one. Thanks for your input, you just safe me from spening money on something that is not practical!

    I got free Econobum cover with my last oder, now I'm excited to try it out ;)

  3. I absolutely LOVE the THiRSTiES brand duo covers! They fit both my baby and toddler, they're made in the USA, and they're a great price.

  4. I only have two covers, a prowrap and a thirsties. I have been extremely satisfied with both. Never had any problems with either one. I do think that Thirsties is a little cuter though:) But, not nearly as cute as your covers I noticed by the pictures.

  5. Thirsties are my no leak, use when we are on the road or wont be able to change in a decent time... they have never failed me... knock on wood... even through lovely EBF poos. But I prefer fleece covers for my DD sensitive skins issues... a WAHM named Cami at CC Bums makes the cute and cheap! You can find her on Facebook.